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Help Us Build Data Products You’ll Love

Sandra Bird
March 30, 2021

The world is awash with data, but to make better underwriting decisions or grow your agency, you need the right data. To ensure we develop data products that will help you, we’ve put together a product development team with deep insurance industry knowledge and experience. And one thing our team knows for sure is that we can’t make data products that provide exceptional value to you without your input.

Sharing your feedback and ideas gives you the opportunity to tell us what you need most to enhance your results, and it helps us improve the data products we currently offer so they’re more valuable to you. Participating is easy. Simply sign up, and we’ll be in touch to schedule a quick chat. We’ll ask you a few questions and give you the chance to tell us what you like and is useful about our data products and how they can be improved so they’re more valuable for you.

Your feedback matters. We’ve learned a great deal of valuable information from the interviews we’ve conducted so far and are already making plans to incorporate the feedback into future versions of our data products.

Sign up and you’ll also get invited to future previews of data products we’re developing so you can share your thoughts and help us enhance them before they’re launched. In the meantime, read on for a time-saving guide to resources that will help you make the most of our data products.

An insurance professional interviews a customerSign up to provide feedback on our data products so we can make them more valuable to you.


How Location-Based Data Improves Property Insurance Underwriting


A range of resources to make your job easier

If you ever have questions about our data products, you don’t have to look far or wait long for an answer.

During business hours (Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.), contact our customer service team. You’ll promptly hear back from one of our friendly, knowledgeable specialists.

At any other time, you can access our Help Center, which features step-by-step how-to articles on each of our data products. You can also access the Help Center through our chatbot Shelby, who pops up on the login screen and elsewhere after you log in to our Solutions web application.

To learn more about emerging and evolving risks and how data can help you manage both, explore the BuildingMetrix blog and our popular weekly newsletter InsuranceEDGE. For valuable content on Washington state property risks, visit the WSRB blog. You can also access in-depth guides to commercial property risk, underwriting property and the WSRB community evaluation process.

All our online content is available 24/7 to help answer your questions, and you can quickly search through everything we’ve published with our new global search function. You’ll see results from across both our websites, both blogs and the Help Center, and you’ll have the option to narrow your results if just one or two of those sources is best for you.

BuildingMetrix global search functionYou'll find the global search function next to the login button. Just click on the magnifying glass.


Managing Concentration of Risk: The Power of Maps


Introducing a few of our innovative team members

Our goal is to help underwriters make more-informed decisions and agents grow their businesses, and to achieve that, we need people who understand property insurance — both the big picture of risk and the everyday details of conducting business. Many of the leaders at WSRB and BuildingMetrix have worked in insurance for decades, and here we’d like to spotlight three.

Bryan Stanwood, CPCU, ARM, AIDA, is the Chief Innovation Officer at WSRB and Vice President of our Risk Data and Analytics team. He’s dedicated his career to the property and casualty insurance industry, working as an underwriter and then managing insurance sales and underwriting teams.

"Those things that keep you up and night? I have experienced all of them in more than 30 years of industry experience," Stanwood said. "At BuildingMetrix, we try to find information that helps you sleep better. We've developed data products that cover risk aspects that are hard to find but essential to fully understanding how to price and write quality business. We want and need to know if what we're creating has value, and we want to know the challenges you're facing so we can help you solve them with data."

Chris Barclay recently joined WSRB as Senior Product Manager after spending 30 years as an underwriter across personal, agricultural and commercial lines, including his most recent position as Director of Agriculture at Capital Insurance Group. In his new role, he's looking forward to connecting directly with you. "Understanding the job you, our customer, are hiring us to do is critical to building products that help you succeed. By showing us what you need, you help us become better." 

Cori Medrano is WSRB’s new Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. She’s also devoted 30 years of her career to insurance, most recently as Vice President of Commercial and Farm Underwriting and Product Development at Mutual of Enumclaw.  Her decades of experience have taught her the value of continual improvement, and she knows that candid feedback from you is essential to informing and energizing that improvement. 

Bryan is a frequent author on the WSRB and BuildingMetrix blogs, and soon you’ll see posts from Chris and Cori on topics relevant to their expertise. Everyone at WSRB and BuildingMetrix — including Bryan, Chris and Cori — is looking forward to helping you enhance your results. Be sure to sign up to provide your feedback so we can make our data products exceptionally valuable to you.


Sandra Bird served WSRB's Vice President, Marketing & Customer Experience from 2016-2021. During her tenure, she excelled at conceptualizing, developing, and launching high-impact marketing and sales strategies for diverse segments, industries and audiences.


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