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Carefully developed by a team of insurance industry veterans, every BuildingMetrix data product helps you make a better underwriting decision or grow your agency. You get valuable information you can use to enhance your business results, along with easy-to-understand explanations of every data element. And if you have questions, we’re here to help, with one of the friendliest, most knowledgeable customer service teams in the industry.

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Cannabis Check

How close are legal cannabis businesses to properties you insure or are considering insuring? Find out fast so you can make an informed underwriting decision and clearly see your concentration of risk.

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Wildfire Risk Tool

Understand key risk factors for the growing threat of wildfire so you can underwrite and price appropriately. Get a clear picture of your concentration of risk so you can more easily prepare for reinsurance reviews.

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Hemp Check

Hemp is now legal at the federal level, but it still comes with significant risks, including explosion and theft. Find out if a property you insure is a hemp grower or processor and take action — before a claim is filed.

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Earthquake Risk Tool

Designed to help principals grow their agencies by making cross-selling earthquake coverage easier than ever. Also offers valuable insight for underwriters because earthquakes are a major risk factor for fire.

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Adult Family Home Check

As demand grows for long-term home care, licensed adult home care facilities could be making their way into your book of business. Determine your exposure and ensure your customers get the coverage they need.  

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Firearms Dealers Check

There are nearly 80,000 federally licensed firearms dealers in the United States. Knowing whether these establishments exist within your book of business can help you better manage risk and ensure profitability.  

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Vape Check

Vape is a new and emerging risk that brings with it unknown ramifications. As the industry continues to grow, manage your exposure to tackle potential hiccups down the road.  

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Underground Storage Tank Check

The environmental devastation and detrimental health impacts of leaking chemicals can become large costs to insurers and their customers. Unearth UST risk that may be hiding in your book.

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Unreinforced Masonry Check

URM buildings lack tensile strength, making them prone to collapse, especially in earthquake-prone regions. Targeting properties in your book empowers you to make insightful underwriting assessments. 

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Historic Buildings Check

Insurers covering historic buildings can face significant expenses due to increased vulnerability and a range of cost drivers. Pinpoint properties to ensure proper coverage. 

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Home Daycare Check

Residential daycare facilities continue to gain popularity. To effectively offer coverage for these operations, a clear understanding of exposure is necessary.

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