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Rapidly reduce risk 

At every stage of the legal marijuana trade — from growing to processing to retailing — property risk abounds. As the cannabis industry thrives, and more states legalize it, property insurers face a major challenge: keeping up with where the risk is. 

What if you could quickly locate cannabis risk using accurate information? You could make better decisions in less time, all while reducing risk.  

Introducing the BuildingMetrix Cannabis Check. At the core is state licensing agency data, which our experts validate for accuracy using our Geographic Information Systems knowledge and technology. You get the information you need to make the right decision about the optimal next step in the underwriting process.   

You also get a clearer picture of your cannabis-related concentration of risk, so you can identify and address any potential problems as soon as possible.  

Data covering your entire book

The BuildingMetrix Cannabis Check gives you data on all the states where marijuana is currently legal for recreational use.

As states legalize marijuana and data becomes available, we'll add it. No matter where you operate within the U.S., you’re covered.

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Stay ahead of mounting risk 

More and more states are legalizing marijuana, meaning the risk of property damage will spread throughout your book and become harder and more time-consuming to track. And your concentration of risk may increase. Reliable, updated data that saves you time and reduces risk will become a must-have.   

As states set up regulatory frameworks and release data for us to validate, we’ll add the information you need. You’ll keep up with an expanding risk as efficiently as possible.  

Don’t let searching for cannabis risk slow down your business. Try the BuildingMetrix Cannabis Check today. 

Case Studies

Discover how insurers have leveraged BuildingMetrix Cannabis Check data to quickly locate cannabis growers, processors and retailers hiding in their book and to efficiently reduce their risk of significant, avoidable property losses.    

Identifying and Eliminating $50 Million in Risk 

Learn how one property insurer efficiently located $50 million in cannabis-related property risk — in just one state — and removed that risk from its book of business.


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A Million Dollar Loss that Could Have Been Avoided

A fire in a cannabis facility was so destructive that the entire building was declared a total loss. Later, the insurer covering the property learned that, with the right data, it could have avoided the loss.


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A Costly Risk That's Difficult to Locate

Discover how cannabis growers, processors and retailers end up in your book of business, how difficult this risk can be to quickly locate and how costly it can be for insurers seeking to avoid it.


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Reduce your cannabis risk, starting now  

Quickly see and manage your risk with our help 


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