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Efficiently market earthquake policies with customized data and engaging content

Show your at-risk customers why they need coverage 

Many of your customers may be at high risk of earthquake property damage, and helping them get the coverage they need can strengthen customer relationships and increase revenue.  

But your customers may not truly understand just how much damage an earthquake could do to one of their biggest assets: their home. Customers might know they live near a fault line, but they don't know about other key risk factors, such as how severe the shaking could be or the chance the soil under their home will liquify during a quake.  

Make customer conversations easier and more productive than ever with customized data and engaging content included in the BuildingMetrix Earthquake Risk Tool and Marketing Program.

Go beyond distance to fault line

Distance to fault line is just one indicator of earthquake property risk. To talk to your customers about their risk, you need to offer answers to several important questions about their individual property. You can, with data on not only distance to fault but also these key risk factors:


Modified Mercalli Intensity

How severe will the shaking be? Use the Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) scale to predict the chance of damage to walls and foundations.  


Liquefaction susceptibility

Will an earthquake cause the soil under the home to act like quicksand, potentially causing severe property damage? Find out with Liquefaction Susceptibility.    


Tsunami risk

Will an earthquake put the property at risk of water damage or even destruction? Tsunami Risk helps you understand the chances of a post-earthquake tidal wave.  


Could an earthquake trigger a fast-moving mudflow with the potential to destroy any building in its path? Data on Lahar presence will tell you.  

Maximum communication in minimal time  

You'll get that data, which is address-specific and research-backed, with the BuildingMetrix Earthquake Risk Tool and Marketing Program.

But data on earthquake risk factors will only help your customers if they understand what that data means to them. That's why the program also includes easy-to-understand explanations of each factor that you can share with customers.

First, you get a webpage with engaging, explanatory content that's branded with your agency's logo and has a direct link to contact you. You also get a marketing letter customized with each customer's risk factor data that you can email to them. And, you get a dataset with all your customers' risk information in one place, so you can quickly pinpoint the customers who most need coverage and assess the size of your potential opportunity. 

Show your customers a full picture of their earthquake risk

Combine these three elements, and you have everything you need to power informative conversations with your customers and help them get the coverage they need to protect their home.

You'll save time and position yourself as a trusted advisor to your customers. You'll be ready to present facts and guidance that your customers value. 

You'll also help protect your agency for the long term. By providing clear, address-specific earthquake risk data to your customers, you help prevent errors and omissions claims. Increase sales and help protect your agency with the BuildingMetrix Earthquake Risk Tool and Marketing Program. 


Engaging, customized webpage

Explains each data point with visuals and maps. Customized with your logo and a link to contact you.


Ready-to-send marketing letters

Include each recipient's personalized risk factor data and an overview of what each factor means. 


Insightful customer data

Use each customer's data to power conversations. Use your book's data to identify target customers.

Increase sales and protect your agency

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