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Determine Adult Family Home Risk

Avoid exposure and ensure your customers get the right coverage
adult home care-2

Track an evolving risk

The market for independent, licensed long-term home care is rapidly increasing as baby boomers require long-term care, and staffing shortages at existing care facilities affect admission rates. With more and more homeowners renting out rooms to meet the growing demand, tracking this risk has become extremely important

Problems arise when adult family homes aren't adequately insured. Business owners, residents, and insurance companies all face risk when proper coverage isn't in place.

Determining your exposure has never been easier using the BuildingMetrix Adult Family Home Check. We take your book of addresses and return a list of all adult home care facilities, if any exist, within that book. You can then focus on helping customers get the right coverage while reducing the risk to your business. The process is fast, secure, and affordable.

An expanding database

The BuildingMetrix Adult Family Home Check currently offers data across the US.

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Learn more about why it matters

Scott Elliott and Joe Nolan discuss the importance of adult family homes,
the risks they pose, and how we can help you get your customers the coverage they need.



Protect your customers

The BuildingMetrix Adult Family Home Check makes it simple to uncover how much adult care risk you’re carrying, allowing you to make effective underwriting decisions.

Whether you are a personal or commercial lines carrier, be sure to stay up to date with changing market conditions and evolving risk. While working to mitigate your own exposure, our data helps ensure that your customers get the coverage they need. 

Minimize risk associated with adult home care by using BuildingMetrix Adult Family Home Check. 

Track exposure and reduce risk

Effectively pinpoint adult home care risk using our tools and expertise

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