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Reveal Home Daycare Risk With Ease

Manage exposure by illuminating facilities in your book
child playing game next to smiling teacher with kids at background in home daycare facility

A growing liability

Numerous terms are used interchangeably to describe home daycare facilities, including family childcare providers (FCCs), in-home daycares, home-based daycares, and neighborhood daycares. Regardless of the specific terminology or physical location, these establishments all serve the purpose of providing daytime childcare within residential homes.

Due to their affordability, home daycares have gained popularity among families as a viable childcare option, often priced at half the rate of larger daycare centers. However, they come with inherent risks. It is crucial for insurers offering coverage for these facilities to have a clear understanding of their risk concentration and to effectively manage their exposure.

Utilizing the BuildingMetrix Home Daycare Check empowers you to quickly compare your business portfolio with a database of known daycare addresses, generating a comprehensive list of properties within your book.

NOTE: We currently have complete data for Washington state and are actively working on attaining data for additional states.

An excess of risk

 Even well-run daycares, properly licensed and following all the rules, can encounter accidents.
Here are some of the liabilities and risks to be aware of:


Transport liability
 For facilities that provide transportation,
accidents can and do occur.


Corporal punishment liability
This form of punishment is illegal in most states; one infraction can mean trouble.


Abuse and molestation liability
Neglect, abuse, and molestation occur with surprising frequency in childcare settings.

Additional risks include:

(1) Unsafe facility environment, (2) lack of proper sanitation and other health concerns, including illness transmission and improper food safety, (3) insufficient nurturing and care, (4) under-trained staff, (5) improper administration of medication, and (6) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


Group of daycare staff with babies in home daycare facility

Proactively address exposure

Providing coverage to home daycare facilities can lead insurance companies into complex legal challenges, especially when dealing with a large number of facilities.

Identifying home daycare facilities in your portfolio usually involves gathering data on all facilities in each state of operation and carefully evaluating each policy based on this information, a time consuming operation. The BuildingMetrix Home Daycare Check simplifies this process.

When you provide us with your list of addresses, we compare them against our regularly updated database of comprehensive home daycare data. Save valuable time searching for relevant information and dedicate more time to assisting customers in obtaining the necessary coverage while mitigating risks to your business.

Successfully identify home daycares

Illuminate exposure within your book of business

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