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July 27, 2023

Welcome to your weekly newsletter with the updates you need to succeed in property and casualty insurance.


Unprecedented exposure, adverse selection, and insufficient rates are turning the business of winery insurance into a bit of a headache. 


How Climate Change Is Affecting Winery Insurance

As climate change wreaks its havoc on natural landscapes, Larry Chasin, CEO of PAK Programs, revealed how wineries that need land to create products are having to find new ways to secure coverage against catastrophic weather events.

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Insurance Commissioner Up For Election

In May 2023, current Washington state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kriedler announced he would not be seeking reelection in 2024. “It’s time for someone else to step forward and carry on this agency’s important consumer protection work,” he said in a statement. 

Read more at WSRB



H1 Natural Catastrophe Losses

Natural catastrophe losses have surpassed average levels in the first half of 2023, as the arrival of El Niño is expected to further influence global weather.

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Farmers Repeals Nonrenewal Notices

Famers Insurance sent thousands of nonrenewal notices to Georgia homeowners - the carrier appears to have misunderstood the state’s unique law on nonrenewals.

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Allstate May Exit California

“Without pricing enhancements, Allstate will remain closed to new business and will evaluate additional nonrenewals or the full withdrawal of property lines."

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Potential Crop Damage in Midwest

Portions of the Midwest could see the most challenging weather yet this year, and according to leading ag meteorologists, it's creating concerns for crop conditions.

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Beavers to the Rescue

CA is embracing the animals that can create lush habitats that lure species back into now-urban areas, enhance groundwater supplies, and buffer against wildfire.

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Fire in South Central Washington

A wildfire in Klickitat County, east of Goldendale, started Friday and has grown to at least 30,000 acres, according to the Washington Department of Natural Resources.

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Major Step at Hanford Site

The world’s largest radioactive waste melter has heated up to 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit, its planned operating temperature, on a second try.

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Cheap Homes, More Climate Danger

Many Americans are actually choosing to move to Zip codes with a high risk of experiencing wildfire, heat, drought and flood.

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Claims Outpace Premium Growth

Insurance claims inflation has risen faster than the underlying consumer price index (CPI), outpacing auto insurance premium increases, according to a new study.

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