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November 17, 2022


Slope is an important aspect of insurance underwriting; our latest blog dives deep into the topic to give you a complete understanding of the subject, past, present, and future.
The Mississippi River's water levels are the lowest they have been in a decade. The river is the second largest in the U.S. and provides drinking water to around 20 million people but as water levels continue to decline, this integral water source could be at risk.


What would you do with an extra $932.63 in your pocket? That’s how much insurance fraud costs every American a year - $309 billion in total, according to the findings of a recent research study that I led. For a family of four, that adds up to nearly $3,800.
Maintaining an accurate valuation of property helps companies avoid gaps in coverage and financial hardship.
A new guide published by insurance quote comparison site ExpertInsuranceReviews.com reveals that there are a lot of strings attached to such deals.
The FTX crypto exchange (and more than 130 affiliates) filed for bankruptcy in Delaware. FTX was recently valued at $32 billion, and now it appears to be worth $0. The bankruptcy petition listed at least $10 billion in liabilities.
This is the second round of job cuts the auto insurance startup has made this year as it works to become profitable. "To further improve cash flow we are prioritizing resources that support Root's go-forward strategy."
"As fraud is perpetrated, it increases claim costs, which increases overall risk, which increases premiums, which increases the cost of goods and services performed by the companies paying the premiums."
The market had already been grappling with profitability before the storm – just two of the 10 largest domestic carriers reported profits in 2021 - and a slew of carrier exits.
Utilizing a second model and including loss adjustment expenses, an expected wave of claims litigation, and actual claims so far, the corporation has increased its estimate.
Owners at the 25,000-resident association in Miami have said that the organization has been run like a “mafia,” with fraud, huge increases in fees, a depleted treasury, and a lack of maintenance.
With a swipe of his pen, Newsom signed into law Senate Bill 1242, written by the Senate Insurance Committee, and aimed at protecting California consumers by imposing a variety of requirements upon producers.


Some people who live near the Rattlesnake Hills Landslide have voiced concerns over it possibly getting worse. Local experts say as of now there is no cause for concern.
Unlike other natural disasters, droughts tend to take hold unannounced and wreak havoc gradually, with agriculture almost exclusively taking the brunt.
A lawsuit filed by the state of California accuses 3M, Dupont and 16 smaller companies of covering up the harm caused to the environment and the public.
Maryland and Missouri voted to legalize, signaling support gradually growing for legalization even in conservative parts of the country. 
Damages are estimated at more than $522 million in a central Florida coastal county where homes collapsed into the Atlantic Ocean following Hurricane Nicole.
Climate change has raised the cost of natural disasters, as rising sea levels and drought increase the frequency and severity of flooding and wildfires, insurers and risk modeling experts say.
Insured losses from Hurricane Nicole, a category 1 storm that came ashore on Florida's east coast last week, will be no more than $750 million, a fraction of the level of losses caused by Hurricane Ian.


Instead of a patchwork of policies, Las Vegas has pioneered a sweeping one for turf removal that is sweetened with incentives and is gaining more ground.
Tropical Storm Nicole sent multiple homes toppling into the Atlantic Ocean Thursday and threatened a row of high-rise condominiums in places where Hurricane Ian washed away seawalls and other remaining protections only weeks ago.
A new report shows California utilities have noticeably reduced their liability following catastrophic wildfires in the past that have been blamed on the utilities and have driven several massive lawsuits and financial challenges.

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