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October 20, 2022


Amazon.com Inc. is moving into a new business area, offering UK consumers home and contents insurance from third-party providers.
Smoke Alarm
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicle miles traveled during the first half of 2022 increased by about 43.2 billion.


New rules mandate that insurance companies reward consumers who take wildfire safety and mitigation actions under the state's Safer From Wildfires framework.
Most home insurance policies cover fire damage, but you may need extra protection if you live in a high-risk area for wildfires.
Mr. Schneider says Hurricane Ian will have the biggest effect on the Florida insurance market since Hurricane Andrew.
Uninsured flood losses from Hurricane Ian are projected to be as high as $16 billion - almost half as much as insured wind damages.
A variety of industry stakeholders gathered onstage at ITC Vegas to discuss the future of P/C underwriting.
The company expects property insurance rate increases to continue in 2023 following Hurricane Ian as reinsurers hike rates and capacity constraints take their toll.
Independent agency owners often grapple with questions of how to rapidly grow. But longevity in a small and close-knit community is also a form of success.
 U.S. reinsurance buyers should be prepared to be flexible in the face of what experts say will be a difficult property cat market.
A group in California is opining on the impact of California Insurance Commissioner Lara's recent auto insurance rate decisions.
New and emerging risks, core risk management, and enterprise risk management.
Insurers are assessing how the storm will affect their own books of business and the market.
This is one of the first concrete actions in a new push to beef up financial regulation to help fight global warming.
The response to the Treasury’s Federal Insurance Office's proposal from industry trade associations was, at best, tepid. 


Preliminary traffic data provides some hope that a rash of unsafe driving habits spawned by traffic-free roads during COVID-19 business shutdowns is beginning to abate. 
The company forecasts a net loss of around $500 million after the reinsurance company absorbed preliminary claims from Hurricane Ian of approximately $1.3 billion. 
A jury in King County, Washington, awarded $275 million to ten students and parents who say they suffered serious neurological injuries from chemical exposure.
Pests and odium are evidently more acceptable today. The practice, reviled for centuries, is alive and growing and bears a new name: litigation funding.
With planting roughly halfway complete, the 2023 U.S. hard red winter wheat crop is already being hobbled by drought in the heart of the southern Plains.


With damages in Florida set to total as much as $47 billion from Hurricane Ian, according to one estimate, here's how to protect your finances from disasters.
Fiona is the most costly extreme weather event ever recorded in Atlantic Canada and the 10th largest in Canada in terms of insured damages.
Some roads reopened and evacuation zones shrank near a wildfire east of Vancouver, as fire officials got a handle on the fire.
The water in the Mississippi River has dropped so low that barges are getting stuck, leading to expensive dredging.
Drought conditions across Oklahoma continue to get worse due to several months with below average rainfall.
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