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May 26, 2022


Unreinforced masonry buildings are common in multiple earthquake-prone U.S. cities, including Seattle - in many cases, they require retrofitting to remain safe.
Smoke Alarm
Roofing scams targeting insurance companies are leading to higher bills and fewer options for homeowners, officials say.


Third major US carrier faces shareholder vote on whether to halt new fossil fuel underwriting.
Insurance stocks almost mirrored the broader market as the S&P 500 Insurance index dropped.
The insurance industry has always been conservative by nature – slow to change, even when tempted by innovation.
The state's insurance community appears to be split, at least to some degree, on the impact of two draft bills.
A Florida Senate committee overwhelmingly approved two measures that supporters believe will go a long way.


War. Drought. Production shortages. Historically low inventories. And pandemic backlash. Energy markets across the planet have been put through the wringer...
Cars on US roads are as old as they’ve ever been, potentially complicating efforts to expand the use of new safety and emissions-reduction technologies.
Twenty people per day were hit and killed by drivers in the U.S. last year, according to an analysis by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA).
California State Senate approved legislation from Sen. Bill Dodd to encourage the creation of defensible space in an effort to protect life and property from any new potential wildfires.


Derechos of similar intensity have occurred before in this part of Canada, but never has one had a track like this that followed the length of the most densely populated corridor in the country.
The county will soon begin offering wildfire mitigation assessments to residents.
To curb wildfires, PGE is undergrounding its high-risk distribution lines.
In part four of our in-depth Summer Outlook, Chief Meteorologist David Yeomans examines what to expect with summertime drought conditions and wildfire risk.
The state remains poised to see a potentially “challenging” wildfire season this summer, despite a wet and cool spring in much of western Oregon.
Tornadoes are so uncommon in northern Michigan that Gaylord doesn’t have a siren system to warn people about hazardous weather.


Many in the industry are looking for Insurtech partners. Businesses should consider these factors when making your choice.
“I don’t know what to call this period yet, because I think we’re still seeing the market shake out."
Hippo has burned through $628 million in cash and is spending more than $1.50 for every dollar of premium it is generating.
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