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May 19, 2022


These funds are part of the infrastructure package that seeks to fix crumbling roads, expand broadband internet and improve the electrical grid.
Smoke Alarm
When the Loop Current reaches this far north this early in the hurricane season – especially during what’s forecast to be a busy season – it can spell disaster for folks along the Northern Gulf Coast, from Texas to Florida.


Three out of four of the major European reinsurers reported their profits were negatively affected as a result of elevated natural catastrophe claims and the first round of claims reserves from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The U.N. has warned of a 40% shortfall in supply by 2030 if water consumption and production patterns do not change.
The personal data was accessible to the public for nearly three years because of a glitch in the web applications code. 
Florida has not been struck by a hurricane since 2018, yet there have been seven Florida insurer insolvencies in the recent hurricane-free years.
An analysis of workers’ comp claims from Pinnacol Assurance, Colorado’s largest workers’ compensation insurer, found few things that stood out in claims data.


The yearly increase is the highest reported since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began using its current traffic fatality tracking system in 1975.
The U.S. economy is facing its toughest inflation problem since the 1970s and early 1980s, when prices at one point rose at an annual rate of 14.5%.
Families of the 98 victims of the 2021 condominium collapse near Miami Beach, along with injured survivors, could split hundreds of millions of dollars.
“We still allow wood shake roofs. It’s really ridiculous that we allow that. The fact that they could exist here doesn’t make much sense.”
It’s not just homeowners insurance costs that are high in Florida - a new report shows that Floridians continue to pay some of the largest auto coverage premiums.
A wildfire burning for 40 days in New Mexico became the largest in the Southwestern state’s recorded history as it forced the evacuation of a small ski resort and villages in drought-hit mountains east of Santa Fe. 
A wind-driven wildfire in Laguna Niquel has destroyed multiple million-dollar homes and forced evacuations of residents in the area.
An affluent California city ravaged by a wildfire had experienced voltage swings more frequently in the past six months.
Newsom last summer asked residents to voluntarily cut water use by 15% as climate change intensified a drought that threatened to drain the state’s reservoirs.
The state has long championed its coastline for its natural beauty and scenic views, but is in danger due to rising sea levels, hurricanes and erosion.
Newly released data from CoreLogic show the Coastal Fire in California has burned at least 20 homes in the Orange County community of Laguna Niguel.
A report from First Street Foundation, published recently, predicts that the risk of wildfire in South and Central Florida will double by 2052.


Starting June 6, residents in the eastern grassland area of unincorporated Boulder County must follow new building regulations requiring them to use ignition-resistant materials before they build new homes.
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