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April 28, 2022


A look at the history, impacts and lessons of the 1980 Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption.
Smoke Alarm
Home prices continued to surge, but rising mortgage rates may make that kind of growth unsustainable in the months ahead.


More than 80 percent of those homeowners are set to see rates climb and those gains will be spread largely evenly among rich and poor areas.
The downgrade could put tens of thousands of Floridians out of compliance with their mortgage lender.
Allstate said it is raising auto insurance rates due to continued upticks in physical damage and bodily injury severity.
Lately insurer skepticism about appraiser impartiality has become a new source of litigation.
Since 1970, insured losses have been increasing by an average of 5-7% annually worldwide.


A session at the 2022 RIMS conference looked at how companies and businesses can mitigate the risk brought on by global political events.
Worker demands for more flexibility and security, bolstered by the pandemic and a tight labor market, are only growing more intense as the world economy reopens.
Wind-driven wildfires sweeping through parts of Nebraska killed a retired fire chief and injured at least 15 firefighters.
This year’s edition of California’s beloved Gilroy Garlic Festival has been canceled and the annual event’s future is uncertain.
Focusing on the interconnectivity of risk can help ensure the smooth functioning of business, even in the face of emerging threats.


The official start of Atlantic Hurricane Season is less than six weeks away, and forecasters will be getting an essential upgrade just in time for the season to begin.
Climate change produced another record-breaking year of extreme weather in Europe in 2021, triggering catastrophic flooding and the hottest summer on
Volunteers and National Guard members in northwestern Minnesota spent two days sandbagging to fortify the city of Crookston from an expected record flood.
As California parents sign up their offspring for summer camp, an existential question looms over the annual ritual: will camp still be standing come July?
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has signed emergency declarations as 20 wildfires continued to burn in nearly half of the state’s counties.


For the last eight years, InsurTech has had an incredible run. Capital has poured into privately-held companies tackling opportunities across the industry. However, as we move deeper into 2022, InsurTech faces its biggest test yet: survival.
Property/casualty insurers are “generally further along the digital experience curve than their life counterparts” and invested in technologies that simplify business processes.
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