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Expertly See and Manage Your Risk 

With a book review, you gain a fresh perspective on your business and a host of benefits 

Optimize decisions across your book of business  

Get a comprehensive look at the risk you’re carrying so you can more effectively manage your concentration of risk. Avoid high saturation in one geographic region — and potentially high losses from a natural disaster. Identify ways to manage your book-level risk and more easily prepare for reinsurance reviews.  

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Visualize your concentration of risk 

Taking on too much risk in one area leaves you vulnerable. If a wildfire, earthquake or other natural disaster devastates a region where you’ve written a large number of policies, you could face steep payouts in a compressed time frame.  

Our book reviews offer valuable data and optional map-based visualizations. You’ll see where your book is highly saturated so you can adjust, reduce risk and increase premium revenue. 

Transform reinsurance reviews 

Make preparing for your next reinsurance review easier than ever. By first understanding your concentration of risk and then taking active steps to manage it, you'll be ready for to answer all your reinsurers' questions. 

Better risk management also helps you fund growth initiatives, improve profitability and enhance your results.  

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Discover how a book review can benefit you 

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