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March 25, 2021 Edition

The commissioner says the immediate but temporary order is necessary as the end of the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act approaches. The CARES Act placed a temporary hold on the reporting of certain negative credit information. As a result, bureaus are currently collecting a credit history that is inaccurate for some consumers.
After a historically deadly and destructive 2020 wildfire season, lawmakers are looking at ways to invest in forest health and wildfire prevention. A bill that passed the state House of Representatives unanimously last week might do just that. The bill would set up a dedicated funding account, investing about $125 million every two years for wildfire response, forest health and community resilience.


Two of the world’s largest reinsurance firms are warning that while the immediate losses caused by the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic may be largely reserved for, both expect a longer-tail of exposure to develop over time.


Seven years ago, the Oso Landslide claimed 43 lives, destroyed dozens of properties and disrupted the lives of hundreds in Snohomish County communities. Discover the lessons to be learned from this tragedy, from home siting practices to the need for insurance protection.
WSRB determines Protection Classes (PCs) for each property in Washington state. Find out how we go from a community PC to an address-specific one.
The legislation would provide a federal safe harbor for insurers covering cannabis businesses where sale of the drug is legal.
Employment practices liability insurance has always adapted to social and cultural changes. What will the challenges of today, including widespread unrest and a dwindling public tolerance for harassment, mean for the future?


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's deputy director says extreme dryness in swaths of the U.S. is "definitely something we're watching and very concerned about."
Oregon lawmakers are considering two bills that aim to prevent the kind of catastrophic wildfires that tore through the state last year. The bills include a range of tactics, from risk mapping to controlled burns. 


Sonoma County officials say they will add artificial intelligence technology to help fight wildfires with a 24/7 monitor to track fire outbreaks. The technology will be added to the county’s network of wildfire detection cameras that monitor California’s backcountry to spot the first outbreak of flames. 
Women get in fewer car accidents than men. But when they do, they're up to 73% more likely to be injured and 28% more likely to die, according to new data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. One potential cause: dummies used in crash tests don't represent female bodies. 

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