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November 5, 2020 Edition


While California wildfires cost property insurers billions each year, the impact of the smoke emitted by those fires may be even more costly — although scientists can’t say for sure.
Retailers, pharmacies, liquor stores and other merchants across the U.S. are gobbling up insurance that protects buildings from damage caused by societal unrest, worried about possible street violence after the U.S. presidential election.


The world’s property-and-casualty insurers would have to collect business interruption insurance premiums for 150 years in order to absorb the estimated $4.5 trillion global output loss inflicted by COVID-19 and its handling in 2020.
Directors and officers liability insurance pricing increased 67.9% on average in the third quarter for Aon PLC clients, which was a moderation from 74.4% in the second quarter.
Though below pre-COVID forecasts, major indicators point to positive rates of growth and a positive return on equity for 2020, welcome news for the insurance industry.


Almost a quarter of retail workers surveyed reported having mild anxiety and 8% reported mild depression during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study. 
Crash rates for drivers in their 70s now fall below those of middle-aged drivers. Better health, safer vehicles and improvements to infrastructure are some of the reasons why.
Two new studies explore the safety of e-scooter riders by examining where and how they were injured and in comparison to bicyclists.


Doug Thackery, a forester with the Oregon Department of Forestry, shares his harrowing experience fighting the Holiday Farm Fire, during a fire season like no other.
The satellite will measure sea levels and ocean temperatures, helping to identify hot spots and predict how hurricanes change when they go over hot spots. 


The auto industry’s accelerating transition from traditional gasoline-powered engines to electric vehicles promises new opportunities — and the potential for large job losses. 
Though advanced driver-assistance systems make cars safer than ever, the sensors they use are expensive to repair.
As more companies use intellectual property as collateral for loans, an insurance market designed to help facilitate the deals is emerging, industry sources say.
The drumbeat for insurtechs to pursue a merger, acquisition or partnership is getting louder, with the number likely to substantially grow in the months ahead.

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